Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure
Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure

Interview with dynamic producer Nau Leone

Image credit: Miriam Cuesta (@miriamcuestaphoto)

Producer and musician Nau Leone shared his new single and videoNº1 Cambio’, pulled from his oncoming album Cambio under Be Your Own Studio Label. Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Nau has fast established himself as a heavyweight in the music circle, notably, flexing his musical brilliance in the Netflix series Valeria by producing music for the series.Nº1 Cambio’ soars admirably in artistic direction and the video visualises the emotions of the song well by telling a compelling story of both exhilarating joy and saddening sorrow and we needed to get better acquainted with this new gem. Discover more about  Nau Leone in the interview below: 

Stream / Download: Nau Leone – ‘Nº1 Cambio’

The single is quite powerful. What was the inspiration for Nº1 Cambio?

‘Cambio’ talks about change. Life is a constant change and humans are constantly in a process of change. This energy comes from the inside. A very deep energy that started with some piano notes and ended in this powerful track. Music to accompany this process of change.

The video tells a story. Is there a specific message in the music video for  Nº1 Cambio?

The music video talks about how it seems like our destiny is written. How some decisions in our lives seem to be coerced by their environment. But in the end, we have control over our decisions, and we need to be brave and decide our destiny.

What’s your “secret sauce?” What makes your sound stand out?

Doing it with passion and leaving part of my soul in my music. Always being faithful to my vision and not letting trends change it. Also blending ambient with dance and electronica, creating something different and original.

Define a successful day in your eyes.

For me, a successful day is one of those you feel you have done good in everything (a combination between work, family and friends, and self-care). At the end of the day, the common things are the important ones.

Of course, I feel amazing when having a big show, release or presentation. But happiness is in the smallest things. 

What made you decide to pursue a musical career?

I simply did what I love. And I worked hard to pursue it.

What would you be doing as a career if you never pursued music?

Probably graphic design and arts.

Pros and cons of the industry from your perspective?

Pros: doing what you love, the flexibility, the incredible amount of different music, festivals and shows in the last years.

Cons: poor music culture in general, a huge insane competitivity, very hard to make a living from it, especially in the early years.

Hopefully, some labels and collectives are building small families where this competition stays outside.

What were some of the most influential albums on your creative outlook and output:

Caribou – Our Love

Moderat – III

Bonobo – Migration

Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Olafur Arnalds – re:member

Phil France – The Swimmer

Gorillaz – Demon Days

And a large etc.

What key pieces of gear/software do you use to define your sound?

My Kawai Piano, Prophet 6 synth, Diva, Lush101, Kontakt, Fabfilter, Waves, UAD…

How do you prepare yourself mentally for performing or/and studio sessions?

I just try to be calm and flow.

How has music production changed your outlook on life?

It didn’t change my outlook on life. Now I hear sounds and musical notes everywhere.

Tell us about your upcoming releases or projects

‘Nº1 Cambio’ is the first single from my upcoming album ‘Cambio’. In the following months, more singles will be out. In early 2023, I will share ‘Cambio’ with the world!

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