Interview with music composer and DJ, Shiny Objects

Founder of San Francisco’s Om Records, music composer and DJ, Shiny Objects has shared his sound across dance floors in mysterious lands such as San Francisco, Black Rock City, Tulum, Ibiza, Dubai, Tokyo and Belden for over 20 years.

When he’s not bringing the funk, Shiny Objects is hard at work running the Om label and getting shit done in his role as founder at SF’s Monarch nightclub and Up All Night.

Have a look at his exclusive interview below

What’s your “secret sauce?” What makes you sound stand out?

In terms of both DJ’ing and music production, I lean toward music that’s unique and authentic. I like music that alternates between house & disco, with the odd break or broken beat rhythm, riding the line between groovy and techno. The idea is to take the listener on a journey through different moods & rhythms.

What made you decide to pursue a musical career?

I was drawn to electronic music at the age of 12 when my friend’s older brother had a drum kit and a digital sampler. I won’t date myself but that was in 1983 and I was 12. When I turned 13 I got my first Juno 106, a computer and a 707. I was just in my blood from the beginning I suppose!

Pros and cons of the industry from your perspective?

On the positive side it much easier to explore your dream now. There are so many labels, promoters and scenes to get collaborate with to get your music out there. The negative side is despite the vast new untethered horizons of music, and streaming’s promise to expose new artists, the crap is still what gets pushed through the filter and rises to the top (with some exceptions of course).

Please list some of the most influential albums on your creative outlook and output:

Amorphous Androgynous – Tales of Ephidrina

Brian Eno – Music for Airports

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Emo – This is my home

The Cure – Disintegration

Charles Webster – Born on the 24th of July

Skinny Puppy – Too Dark Park

What key pieces of gear/software do you use to define your sound?

Juno 106, Prophet 6, Jupiter 8, Access Virus, Sub Fatty, Juno 60, Techniques 1200 for sampling. Fender guitar, Avalon preamp, distress or, Ableton Live and lots of plugins.

Vinyl or CD?

I played vinyl for 20 years. I have a huge collection but primarily play USB as most of my sets are my own tracks 🙂

Tell us about what your upcoming releases or projects?

I just released a double album Intermittent Soul and Intermittent Dreams on Om Records.

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