Misc.Inc, Tycho and Bonobo
Misc.Inc, Tycho and Bonobo

Misc.Inc releases easygoing house song ‘Here To.Stay’

Image credit: Vincent Huebler @vincenthuebler

Ambitious self-taught musician Misc.Inc has released his latest single ‘Here To.Stay’ under Stereofox Records. A self-confessed meditator, the Germany-based producer has created a record that is well suited to dancing or inhaling deeply. Influenced by a variety of genres, he has woven the hard and fast rhythms of House music with the ethereal moodiness of Lo-fi.

Stream / Download: Misc.Inc – ‘Here To.Stay’

Caught in a moment, the record thrums with angelic voices reminiscent of work by the enigmatic producer Sorrow. Harmonious, they sing an unknowable language, telling an incomprehensible story, but we don’t need to understand their words to feel their sheer emotive depth. Rising and falling, they express themselves with tangible clarity. 

Unfurling feathered wings, they soar to frightening heights and glide between illuminating chords and drizzling percussions. Like the sun at its zenith, they shine hot, drenching listeners in their warmth. Misc.Inc embodies the spirit of the record in a single sentence, telling us that ‘Here To.Stay’ is “a song about the homecoming of your soul”.

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