jackLNDN, Ben Bohmer, Jan Blomqvist, Yotto
jackLNDN, Ben Bohmer, Jan Blomqvist, Yotto

Electronic musician jackLNDN shares electric new song

   Image credit: Jane Greer

jackLNDN tells it like it is with his latest single ‘Bad Decisions’. With hypnotic basslines and bold beats, he exposes himself and the culture of escapism that has swallowed us whole with this track about returning to one’s vices and self-destructive behavior. Turning a rather touchy topic into a house anthem, jackLNDN does it like no one else and gives us the space to dance the night and our troubles away with. 

Stream/ download: ‘Bad Decisions’ 

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Bad Decisions’, jackLNDN tells us: “I feel like this is a highly relatable song. It’s about self-destructive tendencies and those moments when we knowingly make poor choices to escape the reality of our lives. We all turn to different vices for escapism, be it drinking, substances or sex. When you know what you are doing is unhealthy & a poor life choice, but you still engage in that behaviour with a deliberate desire to cause chaos while running from or numbing your own pain.”

An almost bittersweet track, this song pulls back the veneer of modern life with such a fun beat that one begins to forget the troubles that have led us to those very bad decisions. Much like all great art, this single makes one feel both comforted and heard –  simultaneously calling us out and drawing us in with that hypnotic beat. 

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