Parra For Cuva, Nicolas Jaar, Kiasmos , Stavroz
Parra For Cuva, Nicolas Jaar, Kiasmos , Stavroz

Chill electronic band Stavroz share mind-bending music video

Dark corners and shadows come out to play with Stavroz’s latest music video ‘In Mindibu’. Featured on their new album release Mindibu via Moodfamily, this electrifying track has a lot of character with playful percussion, and fruity jazz embellishments – the perfect soundtrack for adventure. Today, this track takes a whole new meaning as we pick up where we left off with the ominous ‘Wintergreen’ music video.

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Based on ancient legends, we certainly feel like we are watching an epic story unfold with this latest mind-bending video that plays with the illusion of time and structure like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Erratic choreography and the element of a stranger in an unfamiliar land make this a riveting watch.

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Giving advice to fellow musicians, the band previously shared with us (read the rest of the interview with Stavroz here): “Avoid going for the obvious choices, go beyond expectations, experiment. Twist the knobs further than you’d usually do. See what comes out, force yourself. Don’t care what anyone else might think. If you like it, then you can bet that there going to be someone else that likes it. “

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