Villows, Shallou, Kasbo, Yoste
Villows, Shallou, Kasbo, Yoste

Illusory producer Villows fascinates with ‘Lucid’

Image credit: Matthew Bergh

Via Careless Collective, hypnotising musician Villows shared his latest single Lucid’. The accomplished pianist and guitarist found his niche in House music which alludes to the sound of Yoste and Shallou. Villows’s music leans deliberately on synthesizers, resulting in the creation of a different sound.

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Lucid’ is dripping in a strong electric guitar synth that steadily supports the track and imparts on it a serious character that stands adjacent to the entrancing nature of other elements of the track. The dominance of the synthesizers in the song is like the onset of clarity in a mind tormented by mirages. Lucid’ is like a personal therapist for the days when one is searching for an understanding of the intangible stories of the nescient mind.

Villows relays his exciting connection with the new single and his personal life with these words: “I’ve been obsessed with lucid dreaming for as long as I can remember, and while they are rare, I’m very fortunate to have had several in my lifetime. Amongst the lure of endless possibilities, it’s quite beautiful to choose to spend this time imagining someone special. It’s really an ultimate act of love, and the true meaning behind this track”.

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