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Groovy house music producer Swayló shares song, ‘Yucatán Dream’

Visionary artist and producer Swayló returns with a new single ‘Yucatán Dream’. Released in-sync with the new moon cycle on February 25th, “Yucatán Dream” directly follows his most recent track “Ascension” that debuted last month. Along the visceral journey of “Yucatán Dream,” the listener is introduced to global sounds where Swayló incorporates traditional instruments into his production such as the flamenco guitars of Mexico, timbale drums from Latin America, steel drums from the Caribbean, and the djembe from Africa. A […]

House music pioneer Wardell Piper releases new song, ‘Legendary’

Image credit: Mel Peters “First Lady of Disco” and dance music legend Wardell Piper is set to release her new dance music single appropriately entitled… “Legendary”! Wardell is one of the true pioneers of the dance/disco-funk music genre and her music is at the very foundation of what’s known today as EDM.  “Legendary” showcases Wardell‘s captivating smooth soulful vocals while capturing the melodic essence of today’s best dance music grooves. “Legendary” proves that the musical talents which have garnered Wardell […]

Jazz meets melodic house in Urchin’s remix of ‘L.A.S’ by ISQ

Frequently, artists traverse genre boundaries – exploring different possibilities with their music and allowing new rhythms to enter their style. ISQ, a critically acclaimed London quartet, have allowed a complete transformation of their music – calling in a collection of electronic remixers to lay their impressions down on ISQ’s previously released album, Requiem For The Faithful. While the original album was shared on the 27th of September 2019, the new album, Requiem For The Faithful 2.0: The Remixes will be […]

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If you listen to a lot of house music, then you will eventually become a House Head.
We embrace that idea.

House Head invites you into the madhouse into a world of constant updates on new releases, interviews with upcoming artists and the latest house music news.

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