Sleepy Tom, Chic, Purple Disco Machine and Breakbot
Sleepy Tom, Chic, Purple Disco Machine and Breakbot

Sleepy Tom releases psychedelic EP title track

Image credit: Brandon William Fletcher

Outstanding producer Cam Tatham, aka Sleepy Tom, has released the title track of his upcoming EP ‘This Thing Call Life’ via MNRK Music Group. Sleepy Tom currently resides in Vancouver where he has broadened his niche in the exciting world of disco music. Cam draws inspiration from the likes of  The Avalanches, Jungle, The Weeknd and Breakbot amongst others.

Stream / Download: ‘This Thing Called Life’

The released title track is gloriously psychedelic, aligned with elements of atmospheric joie de vivre. The beat merges with the notes and produces a jovial sound. The rhythm is like dazzling flashlights of various colours hidden inside a darkened room. The vocals are alluring and they take the listener to enthralling climaxes. The lyrics are uplifting and can bring an end to a mental slump.  

Sleepy Tom’s thoughts on the motivating factors that dictated the outlook as well as the path that he pursued in the making of  ‘This Thing Call Life’ are the following: “With ‘This Thing Called Life’, I wanted to make a collection of songs that were going to lift me out of my funk. I was looking for music that could satisfy my club cravings, while also leaving room for melody––disco!” 

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