Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure
Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure

Spanish producer Nau Leone releases apocalyptic song

Image credit: Miriam Cuesta (@miriamcuestaphoto)

Readying to launch Cambio, his new album, the Spanish music maker Nau Leone has unveiled another single (read our interview with him here). Anything but timid, the electronic producer has created an intense work of apocalyptic sound. ‘Nº7 Fuerza’ is a single with force. Dark tones juxtapose light in a whirlpool of synths and organic instrumentation. 

Stream / Download: Nau Leone – ‘Nº7 Fuerza’

An ever-adapting beast, the record was founded on the concept of transformation. “Nº7 Fuerza is a track that represents all the strength you gain during any process of change,” said Nau, confirming the central theme. Listening to it, this is what we found. First, he leads us to march along a track of metallic vigour, stacking layers of sound until the arrangement threatens to combust, and when it does…well, you’ll just have to listen to the track to find out.

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