Dante Klein, Dombresky, Vintage Culture, and John Summit (1)
Dante Klein, Dombresky, Vintage Culture, and John Summit (1)

Dante Klein unleashes another thumping dance tune

Image credit: Lisa Van Dam (@bylisavdam)

Dance producer Dante Klein returns with his latest single ‘Rewind’. Klein is a multi-platinum-certified producer–he helped create Cheat Codes’ viral sensation ‘Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)’— who constantly works towards creating music that brings people to the dancefloor. He has performed at the sensational music festival Tomorrowland but is taking his energy and focusing it on the club scene once more. To do so, he has birthed the independent record label Garden Party Records.

Stream / Download: Dante Klein – ‘Rewind’

Released under the label, ‘Rewind’ shares similarities with Dombresky. Danceable and uplifting, the track runs hot, travelling at a high-tempo BPM, thumping with a heavy four-on-the-floor rhythm. The thing is groovy. Syncopated backbeats offset the repetition to keep the beat in motion.

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Dante Klein is excited to unleash his new track. He tells us that ‘Rewind’ is “tested and approved all around clubs in Amsterdam! Once finished in the studio, I knew this was going to be a weapon on the dancefloor. I’m stoked for this one and happy to finally share it with the world.”

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