For fans Of- FLUME, ODESZA, Ross From Friends munro
For fans Of- FLUME, ODESZA, Ross From Friends munro

Potent producer munro offers new song ‘About You’

Cosmic musician munro strikes again with an impressive brand new single ‘About You’ under Quality Goods Records released on the 28th of October 2022. Having graced the stage with trap heavyweight UZ in sold-out shows at the Quality Goods Records’ LA showcase and SXSW and consistent production of great music,  Ian Munro (aka munro) has firmly made his mark on electronic music. 

Stream / Download: munro – ‘About You’

About You’ is a satisfying fusion of dominating electronic and house music, executed lightly and carefully. Consequently, listeners are not overwhelmed by the quickened pace of the electronic synths and beat. Haus Mag sat down with munro to get better informed about this new single.

The new single contains an effervescent quality. How did you achieve breaks or space in the arrangement?

I kind of treat space like a physical space, or a movie scene. Someone’s dressing the set, going around and sprinkling bits of texture to the scene to fill it out, but soft. 

Who are the influences behind the drum beats in ‘About You’?

I wanted something nostalgic, really reminiscent of that classic four-to-the-floor beat. I wanted to mix that with some texture, beef it up a bit. Definitely inspired by artists like Iglooghost, Aphex Twin (obviously) and Flume. All so unique, but so gritty and weird. I love it. 

What’s your “secret sauce?” What makes your sound stand out?

I think we all have our little quirks as creatives that are like “secret sauce” ingredients. For me, I love playing with the contrast of modern/nostalgic, organic/digital, hard/soft, syncopated/ordered — I’m really drawn in by that.

Define a successful day in your eyes.

Wake up. Make a coffee. Create something. Have some good food. Be with nature. Hang out with my dog. Survive.

What made you decide to pursue a musical career?

I was failing in my music class in High School. I booted up GarageBand at home to practice and fell down a rabbit hole.

What would you be doing as a career if you never pursued music?

Probably somewhere between hanging out with dogs and being a barista. Can we monetise that?

Pros and cons of the industry from your perspective?

I adore the fact that most people in this industry are just so passionate about everything they do, and if you move right you can surround yourself with an incredible like-minded community. There are undeniable problems with this industry for sure, but if you know how to pick the people around you, you’ll be fine.

What were some of the most influential albums on your creative outlook and output:

I love these questions because my answers are always changing.  

01. Bon Iver — 22, A Million 

02. Burial — Untrue

03. Four Tet — There Is Love In You

What key pieces of gear/software do you use to define your sound?

I scooped up a microKORG earlier this year which has been so dope to play with. I’d definitely say the most exciting tool for me is granular. It’s so versatile and it’s always the first thing I go to if I’m feeling lost on what to do next.

How do you prepare yourself mentally for performing or/and studio sessions?

I used to drink, a lot. Now that I’m sober, I just try stay out of my head. It doesn’t work all the time obviously, but the anxiety is a natural, temporary part of the process. It is what it is.

How has music production changed your outlook on life?

I feel like I’m in constant sample-digging mode when I’m out in the real world. Just trying to hide everything I hear on a hard drive somewhere.

Tell us about your upcoming releases or projects

Well, I just dropped my latest one, ‘About You’, on Quality Goods Records, but we’ve got heaps in the works! A few more ditty’s here, coupla’ music videos there. It’ll be a fun ride.

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