Super Plage, Empire of The Sun, Polo & Pan, Claire Laffut
Super Plage, Empire of The Sun, Polo & Pan, Claire Laffut

GAMIQ award winner Super Plage drops ‘Forêt Magique’

Image credit: Marie Michelle Bouchard

‘Forêt Magique’ is released by Lisbon Lux Records. The single premiered on Norton Magazine. Translucent defines every note and beat of this single. The beat encapsulates both rhythmic encouragement and chilling voyages. The title of the single captures well what the track has to offer. This single presents a brilliant escape to beautiful piquant notes that transcend time and place. 

Sharing his thoughts on the single Super Plage has the following to say “This song was inspired by a crazy trip to a festival where the music and the play of lights hidden in the forest completely bewitched us to create a magical moment during these scorching nights’.

Stream/ Download: Super Plage – ‘Forêt Magique’

Super Plage aka Jules Henry hails from Montreal, Canada. He draws his inspiration from the likes of Robert Roberts, Flavien Berger and La Femme. His sound is cardinal electro-pop. He has released three albums stretching across two years. Specifically, Super Large /, Super large // and Electro Vacance and a REMIXTAPE showcasing remixes of Quebec musicians. The mixtape features, among others, Sofia and Anachild.  

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