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Niilas releases hypnotic new single ‘Pyromid’

Producer and composer Peder Niilas Tårnesvik, or Niilas, has released a new single ‘Pyromid’, which hit the airwaves on the 6th of October 2023. Hailing from Norway, Niilas pays homage to his indigenous Sámi heritage in his music, which masterfully combines folk instruments with electronic elements from an array of genres. He has enjoyed success from the start – his debut album Also This Will Change earned him a Norwegian Grammy Award. He has headlined and appeared at major festivals, received airtime on BBC Radio 1 and earned praise from the likes of ICE, Stereogum, Magnetic Magazine and ElectronicGroove. In addition, he has garnered over 1 million plays across all platforms. 

‘Pyromid’ is an intricate blend of organic house, techno and ambient. A classic four-to-the-floor house beat interspersed with modular percussion drives the track from its beginning, while an acid-sounding synth bass locks in the groove. A Hardanger-fiddle (Norway’s national instrument) plays charismatic melodic phrases, giving the song an organic feel which contrasts beautifully with the song’s electronic production. ‘Pyromid’ is such an engaging track – it feels ethereal, but also primal and ancient, drawing the listener into a trance that moves you far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. 

“I’ve tried to completely let go of my own expectations, and rather try to let the immense changes that the world is going through impact my creative direction,” Niilas told us. “Sort of letting the music river run through me. River Of Noise has both conventional club tracks, and some really interesting collaborations with folk-musicians from both Norway (with the Harding-fiddle) and Iran (Santoor)”.

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