Florian Picasso, Cassius, Fred again, Tchami
Florian Picasso, Cassius, Fred again, Tchami

Florian Picasso to release French Touch record ‘Waking Dream’

Image credit: Olivia Lamm

Producer Florian Picasso will be releasing his new single, ‘Waking Dream’, on Friday the 16th of June via the label he founded La Californie Musique. Florian mentioned that a couple of artists inspired the track, helping him find the right direction for the track’s overall rhythm. In his own words, he said: “I have been very influenced by the French touch like Cassius and Fred again’s groove for this one.”

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Having put a new spin on things, Florian has pieced together a track with a different mood. Different because it is less about the hammering, driving, and dominant beats and more about the smiles, cheers, and, in a word, celebration. It feels like the finishing track to a sweaty live set, the big, emotional finale. The cherry on the cake, the applause as the curtains close. Let’s hear it for Florian Picasso, everybody.

Florian Picasso is the great-grandson of none other than Pablo Picasso himself. With features in online news sources such as Deep House Sweden and CLASH Magazine, he is a man on a mission to establish himself as one to watch. Keep an eye out because who knows what Florian will drop next.

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