Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies
Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies

Hologramme’s new song ‘32’ is playful

Image credit: Jean-François Sauvé

A couple of months after the release of his single ‘Candide’, Dance music producer Hologramme began preparing to release a new one, and today we have received that very track, a freely expressive track titled ‘32’. And with it, the producer had a specific goal in mind.

Stream / Download: Hologramme – ‘32’

Hologramme tells us what this goal is: “With my new work, I’m reconnecting with the very purpose of my project: to play. Being Hologramme, I have the feeling I can do whatever I want, as long as it’s fun. 32 is pure impulsion. It’s me playing some synths in the studio and finding just the right amount of weird, catchy, and uplifting. I got the chance to perform it last summer at different festivals and I never saw my crowd turn up like that. Definitely a banger – would recommend.”

From the get-go, the track feels playful, unbounded by concept or limited by a predetermined direction. Rather, it bounces with a light freeness, liberated and joyous. Infectious grooves invite the urge to move, while shouts, beeping tones, and clap fills interject throughout, accenting the overall rhythm of the piece. Out now via Société Holographique de Montréal.

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