Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure
Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure

Electronic music producer Nau Leone releases Cambio LP

Image credit: Miriam Cuesta (@miriamcuestaphoto)

Nau Leone recently released his new album, Cambio, across digital platforms. Shared via his very own imprint Be Your Own Label, the project gives a futuristic spin to an otherwise contemporary production style.

Stream / Download: Nau Leone – ‘Cambio’

Picture an auditorium. Then picture a stage upon which a number of musicians stand, but instead of holding violins and cellos like a traditional orchestra, they stand at laptops, keyboards, and mixing decks. At the centre stands Nau Leone, the conductor of this ensemble, introducing new sounds when it is their time to play, halting others when it is not.

“In my album, I talk about time, about change,” he said. “Change only comes when one is ready for it, even if you don’t know it yet. I want to create music that accompanies these changes. Music that helps believe, music that helps cry. Music that helps to continue; And even more important, to never stop dreaming.”

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