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Music producer Anfisa Letyago releases first EP for 2021, Listen

Never one to conform to strict genre boundaries, Anfisa gracefully blurs the lines, leading to support from Carl Cox, Adam Beyer and Charlotte De Witte, the Siberian born producer has gone from strength to strength in the studio despite the lack of touring last year. Her new Listen’ EP elegantly opens the floor to a deep sonic exploration through dance music on the first EP of 2021 to mark the launch of her label N:S:DA.

Kicking off this year with clear purpose and direction, she leaves us all hopeful for a revitalised return to live shows to appreciate the deeper moments of club culture. Something she so perfectly transcribes with emotive sound flows through every track on this EP.

She delicately intertwines four-to-the-floor House rhythm with dubbed out Techno chords for the EP’s opening title track ‘Listen’. Perfect for the gentler moments in clubland, keeping us elevated through the late-night hours. Drawing upon the essence of Detroit Techno, Anfisa layers each mesmerizing pattern into a tapestry of interwoven rhythms.

Orrizonte’ seamlessly picks up where the introductory track leaves off – evolving ambient textures open up into a flurry of Electro hi-hat patterns whilst spun-out synth tones occupy the high end of the mix, all driven fervently together by a satisfyingly punchy kick. Anfisa’s minimalistic use of vocal samples adds depth and a ghost-like presence.

The aptly named penultimate track Deep Water’ traverses eloquently through mutating arpeggiators and dusty House drum sections. The careful use of distortion through the track’s main synth and chordal parts provides a deeper feeling of movement through the composition.

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