Electronic-Indie Music Artists Three piece Lumen Craft releases their latest single ”Stranger”

One of my favourite types of house is often times grouped together with indie-dance. Live instrumentation is something I personally would love to see more of in electronic music, especially the house scene. I’m well aware that there are some incredible artists doing it, but I always try and praise it wherever I can. Lumen Craft manages to effortlessly blend live instrumentation with electronic production and everything about it just simply works. 

Brazilian electronic-indie three-piece Lumen Craft will be releasing their latest single, “Stranger”, via Natasha Records on the 18th January 2019. 

Although Lumen Craft draw from an eclectic mix of sources when it comes to inspiration, such as Little Dragon, SBTRKT, James Blake, alt-J, Four Tet, Flying Lotus and many more, what their influences hold in common is a pop optimism, an experimental edge and a glittering quirkiness. When it comes to their own sound, Lumen Craft could be compared to soulful indie heroes like Bob Moses, Metronomy and Electric Guest.

Lumen Craft’sStranger’ is an incredibly soothing track that will easy your soul while luring you to the dancefloor. The groove of this track is completely undeniable as it’s almost impossible not to sway your hips to each beat and chord progression. I honestly hope to see more of this incredible act as I’m officially a fan. 

On their brand new single, “Stranger”, Lumen Craft explain, “It’s an invitation to the unknown, a guide to unexplored lands. It’s an affirmation of identity, surrendering the soul to the course of destiny. Let the mind flow and enjoy the ride.”


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