Irish Music Artists John Duignan and Conall Ó Breacháin releases the success of their lastest works ‘ThinkNothing’

If you haven’t heard of the Irish duo, We Cut Corners, now is a very good time to tune your ears in. The duo create a blend of, Rock, Indie, Pop and a lot more creating a massive and original sound they can truly call their own. Following the success of their latest works, THINKNOTHING, which has firmly put them in place to be very much a part of the rock and indie music scene in 2014. It is an album worth investing in. Even more so perhaps worth an investment is a ticket to see them live. Their tour of Ireland finishes May 24 at the Set Theatre, Ireland. You can also see them at the Westport Festival June 28/ 29 this year and the Barfly, London 11 July. You will not regret seeing this band, and as it seems they are growing by the day, now is a good time to get in whilst the shows are still of a size that you can get a real up close and personal feel for their set. Find tickets here. Get a taste of their live set in the video below.

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