Legendary Luminaries 808 State Remix ADRIANNA’s ‘Wild Electric’.

British Tech House architects 808 State released an acid house remix of ADRIANNA’s most recent techno sizzler, ‘Wild Electric’ on May 31, 2024 via ADRIANNA’s imprint, Temple House Music. These acclaimed pioneers of the UK acid-house sound boast a long history of commercial success, with a discography spanning nearly 30 years.Experimental-techno giants Autechre have also cited 808 State as a major influence on their work. Collaborating with the likes of David Bowie, Björk, Quincy Jones and Brian Eno amongst others, 808 State’s music successfully charted with singles ‘Pacific State’ and ‘In Yer Face’ reaching #9 and #10 in the UK, as well as being hailed by NME as the band that “revolutionised a whole genre of music in the late-80s, inspiring Underworld, Orbital and the Chemical Brothers in the process”. 

The original track ‘Wild Electric’, which climbed to #5 in the Beatport charts in the weeks following its release, is a high-octane acid tech odyssey. It features pulsing, distorted rhythms, trippy synth ear candy, acid synth stabs, subtle pop vocal samples and an irresistibly booming four-on-the-floor kick. 

808 State’s reimagining on the track has been deftly done, paying homage to ADRIANNA’s pulsing, gritty hard-hitter while successfully infusing their signature 90’s acid house flavour. The remix features a dizzying array of analogue synths and hints of organic percussion; lighter than the original yet equally as infectious.

808 State shared: “For ADRIANNA’s ‘Wild Electric’ remix I had dusted off my trusty Sequential Circuits Pro One Synth, it has some serious punch to it. The Roland R8 drum Machine was a signature 808 State flavour back in the early 90s especially using the ‘Ethnic Percussion’ card, I hadn’t used that in a while – there are plenty of old hardware synths chained up to make this an analogue rich juggernaut!”.

Listen to the track…




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