Verdance, Bonobo, Tourist, George FitzGerald, Catching Flies
Verdance, Bonobo, Tourist, George FitzGerald, Catching Flies

Verdance prunes lush soundscapes in new album

Producer Verdance has released his new nature-influenced album Permanence under Stereofox Records. Having gone public on Friday the 27th of January, the project contains bushels of house-influenced records: ‘Hurt’ is a gentle beast. The record possesses a softness, a warm quality, like light shining in one’s bedroom window. If the track is the beginning of the day, then his record ‘Sundown’ is the end. House grooves capture the orange fade of dusk.

Stream / Download: Verdance – Permanence

Blossoming, the musician has appeared on Dr. Dre’s Beats of the Week and aired on BBC Radio 1 and 6 as well as Austin Kramer’s UNreleased Show among others. It is no wonder. After all, music is Verdance’s bedrock. “The name sums up what music means to me – at the moment I feel that so much in the world is beyond my control, is constantly changing, and at odds with each other. Music, on the other hand, is a safe constant, and it’s something I can have a say in,” he said.

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