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ISQ return, revealing long-awaited house music remix album

 Image credit: Carolina Mazzolari Shawcross

For the past few months, we’ve kept a keen eye on the socials of ISQ as they’ve slowly been revealing a phenomenal set of remixes to the world. While the band traditionally exists within the alt-jazz territory (one we don’t venture into very often), they first caught our attention as they shared the ‘L.A.S.’ remix by Urchin which stepped boldly into our world of house music. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to support their new style – you can read our feature here

As the quartet began to release more remixes, they received more media attention, with features from CLASH Magazine, Magnetic Magazine, House Music and an exclusive interview with Chill Music. Slowly, the impressive range of artists that were involved in their new album, Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes came to light as we joined the likes of them in exploring ISQ’s unique sound. The album, released last Friday, is firmly in the world of jazz-house as it borrows elements from both genres and blends them into a seamless experience.

Stream/Download: Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes Album

Lead singer, Irene Serra of ISQ shares praise for the team who came together to make the album possible: “This album was a real labour of lockdown love and I am so pleased it actually came together and I pulled it off! I cannot thank all the people that made this possible enough, from all the incredible collaborators who gave their time and awesome talent , Arthur Baker, Urchin , Slovo,  Vince Pope, EMMANUELLE,  Bruce James of James and Black, Kmodo, Remo and Dave Gale, to the individual contributions of my beautiful band members Richard Sadler, Naadia Sheriff Gigs and more and Chris Nickolls  who are so awesome they all agreed to remix a track on the album when I asked them! And not forgetting Preben Rausbjerg and his magical mastering.”

While it’s difficult to select a favourite, we recommend checking out ‘Little Girl’ which was remixed by Dave Gale or, if you’re looking for something a bit deeper, ‘We All Bleed’ by Wolf & I. However, the true beauty of Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes is the ability to return to it multiple times and discover a new element with each listen.

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