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DJ Yan Solo releases progressive house EP Solstice

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Our 39th release is upon us and we’re happy to welcome back rising South African artist, Yan Solo to the roster for his sophomore release on Ambious Records entitled, ‘Solstice’. This dark and moody 3 track EP is filled with suspense and emotion that emulates Yan Solo’s current sonic landscape and keeps the energy high  from beginning to end. 

Starting things off, the title track to the EP, ‘Solstice’ is embellished with mysterious pads and a growling bassline that pushes the momentum of this song forward while encapsulating the ghostly vocals, keeping you locked in until the last beat.

Next up, ‘Quick Secs’ pushes things a little further with it’s massive drive and momentous bassline while gracefully accompanied by an inquisitive lead and powerful drums, leading you through the paces with the energy that Yan Solo has been developing throughout his career.

Last but not least, ‘Escape The City’ rounds the EP off with a tremendous crescendo of guitars, synths and euphoric elements that leave things on a high note and deliver the intention that Yan Solo has set out to achieve.

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