Multi-talented Musician Johny Dar shares his new remix by acclaimed DJ/Music producer-duo ‘You Not Us’

Tobias Bogdon and Gregor Sahm, who perform under the moniker YOUNOTUS, have just shared a remix of Johny Dar’s hot new track with a special message, ‘Be Free’. The remix will be available on all platforms on September 28 via Johny Dar’s very own imprint, DAR the Music. YOUNOTUS shot to fame in Europe in 2015 when they were featured alongside acclaimed DJ and producer Alle Farben on the Anna Naklab pan-European hit ‘Supergirl’ and have blended their upbeat deep house sound with Johny Dar’s unique experimental electronic timbre. Although this is Johny Dar’s first ever music project, he is no stranger to the arts and is naturally talented in all creative fields, especially in the fashion world, as well as with his paintings and other visual art creations. 

Johny Dar’s ‘Be Free’ is simultaneously an optimistic and introspective track, with lyrics that appeal to every person’s inner kindness and a creative use of vocal manipulation and drumbeats. YOUNOTUS turn up the danceability on ‘Be Free’ and create euphoric drops within the remix, while also boosting the anthemic quality of the song with bold trumpet sounds and confident beats. Bringing the uplifting message of Johny Dar’s special single even further to the surface, YOUNOTUS have truly captured and amplified the mood of the original Johny Dar track. 

Listen to this bold new remix of Johny Dar’s ‘Be Free’, by YOUNOTUS, below.

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