Music Artist Jinco releases a 9-track Remix EP for his track ‘Haven’t Said’.

Remixes are always a lot of fun. It’s a fan’s way of experiencing a reimagining of a track they already hold close to their heart. JINCO recently released a 9-track EP featuring remixes of his song ‘Haven’t Said’. The way he approached this, was to host a live stream, asking artists to send in their versions where he will listen to them. After this, he picked his favourites and they received the honour to be a part of his official remix EP. 

JINCO didn’t care how famous these producers were, he only showed interest in quality of work. The whole EP features fantastic production reworks from 2 Below and Glass Dunes just to name a few.

Here at House Head, we obviously are big fans of House, that’s why the Schade remix stood out for us.
Listen to it here: 

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