Nora En Pure, Alison Wonderland, TOKiMONSTA, DJ G-String
Nora En Pure, Alison Wonderland, TOKiMONSTA, DJ G-String

House music maestro DJ G-String shares authentic lyrics

Vocal house maestro DJ G-String proves that you can have the best of both worlds with the new song ‘Your Love’ via G-String Records. This track carries sweet sentiments as DJ G-string previously shared that this song was inspired by the love and support she has received from her wife over the years. It is rare to find someone that has your back no matter what, and DJ G-String expresses her gratitude with sparkling house embellishments throughout. ‘Your Love’, follows after the release of the song ‘No One Ever Said’ with the energetic vocals of Honey B Sweet

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In our interview with her on HAUS Mag (read the full interview here), the DJ shared thoughts about not having vocals in her music: “I actually haven’t written a song that wasn’t lyrically involved. I do have a track in Jan that I am releasing that is more talking style and the lyrics are about house music. I think that might be as close as it gets,…”

Clearly a lover of words and romance, we are not complaining one bit. DJ G-String has the ability to add sincere lyrics about love and relationships into her house music landscape without making it overbearing. We salute DJ G-String for releasing house music with authentic lyrics, and not feeling the need to be a follower. 

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